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Delicious Southern Style Collard Greens…Without the Meat

For most people, the thought of good tasting southern collard greens brings to mind greens saturated with smoked ham hock or turkey necks. mouth is watering as I write this. But, as a vegetarian, using meat products or bi-products is not an option. I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t want some bland tasting collard greens.” I see your face. But, don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you out back. Our friend Monique over at the blog serves up a tasty dish of vegetarian southern collard greens.

Monique’s collard green recipe is filled with the smoky meat flavoring of traditional greens, but of course, without the meat! This dish is perfect for folks who still want delicious collard greens without the excess fat and cholesterol from traditional greens. This is what we call down home cooking with life giving flavor! Check out the recipe video below and please, try it at home! Also, leave a note in the comments to let us know how you make your greens healthier.

Be sure to visit for more amazing recipes that are sure to tickle your tummy!

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