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America has a collective interest in learning about food and a growing enthusiasm for home cooking. Studies show that eating together improves family health and stability — becoming the recessionary cloud’s silver lining. Renewed interest in food culture has given rise to rise to the Food Network and other specialized food programming, popular films and television shows about food, a renaissance in specialized cookbooks, specialized magazines, growing popularity of farmers’ markets, food-oriented websites, publishing and reading food blogs, specialized kitchenware stores, and a growing market for culinary tourism


Nationally, food festivals have become culinary vogue and offer fertile soil for seeding brand influencers. More importantly, promote local community pride, while building stronger bonds between city residents, public officials, private organizations, and corporate interests.

As we kick off the 2017 Mess-O-Greens Festival, we extend a special invitation for your company to get involved, by becoming one of our festival partners. We offer a variety of opportunities to promote your brand and deliver on your key business goals. Email us to receive a sponsorship kit or to request more information.

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